Coaching Prices

The cost is $30/h. For packages the price is $110 for 4h, $160 for 6h and $250 for 10h.

As far as I know, this is pretty rare offer. Usually coaches take more, as they need to compensate their lost grinding time. That's why micro players haven't been usually able to get private coaching. I want to offer this method of learning to even the smallest stakes players, and therefore the price is so affordable.

Special Discount: You can use Kyybucks to get a discount for coachings. With 1000 Kyybucks you can buy 10% discount for any package!

Jackpot winnings: You can also use your Jackpot winnings to buy coaching hours. If you do so, you will automatically get 10% discount on all prices. As an example, you would use $27 of Jackpot winnings to get one hour, instead of normal $30.

If you wish to use either (or both!) of above, please contact me.