What is it?

PLO Order is a Discord group for people who want to learn and discuss PLO strategy. In the server there are rooms for Videos, Hand Reviews and Strategy discussion.

Weekly strategy video

There will be a poll every week, with three different topics for a strategy video. Members can vote, and the topic with most votes will be chosen for the weekly strategy video. Each video is available for the next week, until the next one is released.

Every 10 weeks older videos will be brought back up from the archives, so new members have access to all videos over a 10 week cycle.

How to join?

All subscribers of Kyyberi's Twitch Channel are automatically given access to full PLO Order content at Discord.

In case of getting a gift sub, the automatic process doesn't work. In those cases, members are upgraded to full access manually.

Also, getting a coaching package (4h+) will grant one month access to PLO Order.


Discord link:

(if it doesn't work, please let me know so I can change it and give you the new one)