Progressive Jackpot

Win free money!

Current Jackpot is shown in the stream. Everytime Kyyberi makes at least 100bb profit in a hand, Jackpot will go up:

PLO10: $0,50

PLO20, PLO25: $1,00

PLO50+ :$2,00

There can be other extra additions to the Jackpot every now and then too!

Quads of Queens or better to trigger

When Kyyberi gets quads of Queens or better, Jackpot is triggered. Chatdroid will announce a giveaway and anyone in the chat can buy tickets to the Jackpot raffle, using Kyybucks.

Winner takes 75% of Jackpot, remaining 25% will be the starting amount for next Jackpot.

How to claim winnings?

Winner should contact Kyyberi and work out the payment method. Preferred methods are Skrill, Paypal, Neteller or transfer. Any transfer fees are paid by the receiver.

Winner can also decide to keep the money reserved and wait until he/she has won even more before cashing out.

Winner can also use Jackpot winnings to buy discounted coachings. More information can be found on Coaching Prices. Any coachings bought with Jackpot winnings will get -10% discount.

Jackpot is shown in US dollars.