Coaching Feedback

Skodljivec: Had around 10 hours of sessions with Kyyberi, and i can say that he helped inmensly with my PLO game. Especially he improved my thinking since i was a NLH player before and made plays that made sense in nlh, but were a disaster in plo...

I struggled severly before being coached by him, lost almost 40bi at PLO10, but a little more than a month later i'm taking shots at PLO50.

It's a great price for a great coaching... If you want new insights to your game and help to beat the PLO micros, Kyyberi is the way to go


Great value/price, you must hire him if you are a micro PLO player

HandOfZeKing: A feedback after 2 hours with Kyyberi!

At 15$/h [note from Kyyberi, that was the old price back then], it's the deal of the year.
My game really improves after those 2 hours coaching with Kyyberi and, of course, putting time and effort to work myself on the game.
I really appreciate the way he challenge us during session review and to force us to think deeply on each of our decisions.

Highly Recommanded for PLO10/PLO25 players!

Martijnde666: Yesterday I had my first coaching and I'm happy with it, was a real eye-opener.

Coach bases all his decisions very much on the mathematical background (Equity / SPR / call 3/4bets etc) and I found out that I really like it, and see that I can make a real difference if I get it all mastered.

This theoretical background has given me immediately new insights on open-ranges, c-bet sizings, c/r, potcontroll etc


MeetGeo: Hello guys,

I have coached with kyyberi and it was very interesting, and at only 25$/h it s super cheap because the knowledge you get for this amount of money is huge.
He explains hands with patience and makes you realise what would be the most proffitable decision with a few questions only.
If you are having trouble with this game kyyberi is the way to go!

Lumipall086: I've had now 2 hours coaching with Kyyberi and can really recommend him to anybody who wants to learn PLO. His rate is sick in todays games. Though process is clear and good. If you are coming holdem to PLO or just want to learn the game, I really recommend him for you!

NiGhMa: I did have a set of coachings with Kyyberi from mid-march until end of april (2015). 7 hours for this first time with him.

I was a loosing player even if I had a small idea about the game and then he comes on my way.

This guy has a good manner to explain things and point what is important and he can teach you as well about the mental you need playing PLO.

More than that he's a very nice guy, available and generous for advices.
He likes to teach others and you can feel it even after 30 minutes.

I'm gonna take another package with him soon to improve my game again because I've got the feeling it's not enough and I still have things to learn or anchor harder to my thinking process (point he loves to work on I think).

Alexburg: I had 10hours of coaching with Kyyberi.

I must say that he is a very good coach.

He has so much knowledge and experience in both plo and coaching people.
He can explain very clear, why something is a leak and how you should fix it.

Working with him really improved my thought process,
and made me aware of stuff i wasn't even thinking about.

You will get a ton of knowledge, for a very low prize!

Just try it!!

Eetung: I have gotten the honor to get coached by Kyyberi! Well to be fair, Kyyberi is such a nice guy you will get this honor as well if you want to!

It is funny. I watched 'Become unexPLOitable' and 'PLO Buffet'. Took a lot of notes. Reviewed them and thought: Pff. That stuff is not hard at all. However I should ask Kyyberi to look over my game. So I contacted him via Skype and we got a termin fast.

We decided that I play for the first 20 minutes. Kyyberi was quiet, took many notes and I commented on my play. That was pretty exciting for me! And now comes the best part! He asked me a lot of questions about my actions! ( By the way, Kyyberi has a nice clear voice like in his videos! Pretty pleasant. ) And my favorite answer in the nutshell was: 'Well. I guess I don't know.'

This answer alone was an eye opener for me! Do not get me wrong! I have still a lot to learn. But again. It is funny how you believe you know everything after watching a video.

Kyyberi explained me a lot of concepts and showed me a lot of my leaks. We discussed a few hands. He answered every minor question. Never got angry or annoyed. It was just a nice, fun and a fast hour of coaching. And a hell lot of content for me to work with!

I recommend him to everbody! Specially to people who wants to learn about PLO or theories! And give it a go even if you think you know everything! It is pretty hard to explain concepts and thoughts. ( One of his main focus by the way. Your thinking process! ) If you can not do this you probably do not understand the concept behind it. And the price is staggering!

Not to forget that Kyyberi record the session! You can download it after the coaching and review it as often as you want. Pretty awesome service!

So! I am looking forward for my next coaching with Kyyberi!

astiastiasti: I want to write a few words about Kyyberi.

I think he is a good coach. Only 1hour of coaching, but I think I know something new now.

Also recommend to watch all his poker video's. price/value so take it.

RNulle: Just wanted to say, that I would totaly recomend Kyyberi as a coach for anyone that is new to PLO or someone that has already taken shots at PLO micro stakes. Always helpfull and amenable person. The way he analysis hands with mathematical approach explains a lot of situations and actions going on at the table.

pizdunar: Just as many others before me I'd like to say that Kyyberi seems to be a very good coach. Just had one hour with him and he's really good when it comes to understanding AND explaining the game. I've had four no limit holdem coaches before, two of them high stakes players, also friends playing plo100 profitably coaching me and noone could explain the stuff/poker thinking like he does so that a microstakes player really sees the difference between PLO5 and PLO25 etc.

makinee: Here is some graphs about my games. I have taken like 4-6 hours total coaching from Kyyberi and have nothing bad to say. Small adjustments can make huge difference! Like You can see on my pictures. First picture, this year before any coaching (this year) and second after two session with Kyyberi. Last year i had also couple of sessions. Had big pause of games and started to play and I did not get much results so then took two sessions with Kyyberi and recall what to do in Omaha.