Chat Games

Chat games are run in the stream chat. Most of them can be started by anyone. They are for having fun and to have a chance to increase Kyybucks balance.


Try your luck in a local Casino with other viewers. To start the trip, type !casino followed by the amount you are playing with (e.g. !casino 100). Unlike real casinos, this local Casino offers slightly +EV games for you to take your chances on! Subscribers will have even better odds to win!

Fight the Boss

Gather a party and challenge one of the big, bad and mean Bosses! Type !boss to start the gathering, fighting the Boss costs 20 Kyybucks. The more attackers there are, the better chance the is to win!

Different bosses have different possible loot to be won, and have different difficulty level.


Once in a while Kyyberi announces a betting, where you can select how much you want to bet. You enter your bet by typing !bet followed by your selection number and the amount of Kyybucks you want to bet with.